Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the cities in which BOOM provides its wedding management services?

BOOM covers all the major cities and focusing on weddings in Vadodara, Anand and Nadiad, Ahemdabad, Surat, Bharuch , Rajkot

What are the pre-wedding events BOOM can manage?

BOOM helps you in organizing pre-wedding events like Engagement party, Mehendi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, DJ night, Garba night, Bachelor’s party, and many more.

Will BOOM help in calculating the wedding budget and will BOOM be able to maintain it throughout the wedding?

BOOM helps you in calculating a realistic wedding budget. With BOOM, your wedding budget will always stick to the pre-decided value. You will not have to spend a single penny more than the calculated expenses.

Can BOOM provide entertainment solutions like celebrity performances in my wedding?

BOOM has a wide network of associates who will arrange for Bollywood and regional cinema celebrities, anchors, stage artists, music bands, singers, etc.

What type of wedding management services does BOOM offer?

BOOM offers services like wedding budget management, finding out the right venue, shopping for bride and groom, venue decoration and so on. Check out the Services page for more details.

Will BOOM help me get licenses and permissions from local authorities and government bodies, if required ?

BOOM helps you to get all the licenses and permissions required to conduct your wedding peacefully.

Does BOOM guarantee of planning and organizing my wedding in the time agreed?

BOOM has a team of wedding planners and managers who will take care of planning and coordinating all the activities related to your wedding in order to meet the deadlines.

What sort of experience does BOOM have in wedding management?

BOOM has an experience of planning and arranging 800 events and 11 weddings.

What if there are any last minute breakdowns in the wedding?

At the stage of planning a wedding, BOOM always takes care of the small issues that can come up on the wedding day. BOOM takes care of backup strategies for everything.

Are there any options available for a theme based wedding ceremony?

BOOM has organized many theme based wedding ceremonies. Some of them are Peacock theme, Blue & White theme, Purple & White theme, etc. Tell us your desired theme and we'll organize your grand wedding with that theme.